I made a point of PVRing Letterman last night because I knew Julia Roberts would be his guest. There’s always magic when she’s his guest. Wonderful chemistry. She’s free and easy and charming and chatty…

I love her on Letterman.

Last time she visited she told this story about a male movie star she worked with (Hugh Grant?) who was the worst, most cantankerous, dickhead ungrateful prick ever, imitating the way he cussed out the crew one day on set.

This time she makes Dave talk about his wedding, and then gets in a dig at Conan O’Brien. Oh la.

They should make it the celebrity talk show training video. This is how you do it.



I’ve said this before but it needs to be said again: Julia Roberts is a real movie star, and in light of this JK8 bullsh-t, and all the reality twats running around, and the twi-hards polluting pop culture, and a recent article in Entertainment Weekly lamenting the numbers: good actors in good dramas don’t make money at the box office anymore…

There’s a lot of dumbness out there. I hate people. And the people I hate are killing the Movie Star.

Save the Movie Star.

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