Well, at least this one isn’t married. In that respect, it’s almost exactly what Claire Danes went through, only without the pregnancy. Mary Louise Parker was expecting with Billy Crudup when he left her for Claire. That was a tumultuous, tortured relationship which almost killed Angela Chase for us forever. And then Claire went on to make a movie with Hugh Dancy and finally shook it off.

Julia Stiles of course was a rather significant addition to the Dexter cast last season, on screen and off. There’s been no definitive, definitive word on whether or not she’s coming back for Season 6 but most signs point to the fact that Lumen is gone, on screen and off. For now.

Check out Julia with her new man, actor David Harbour, unable to contain themselves in New York yesterday. Julia and David just worked together on a movie called Between Us. This relationship appears to be a lot less fraught with drama and awkwardness and ex-wives on the set.

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