Will Smith had it right in Summertime (I love that jam):

Every moment frontin’ and maxin’
Chillin’ in the car they spent all day waxin’
Leanin’ to the side but you can't speed through
Two miles an hour so everybody see you

I mean, unless you’re on a race track, why city-drive a nice car like it’s a race? Come on, half the reason you’re buying it is because you want people to see you in it. Justin Bieber definitely wants you to see him in it. He’s just too f-cking stupid to realise.

Stupid is fine if he’s stupid in his own house being stupid all by himself. Stupid with a four-wheel weapon is another matter. JB’s been called out before for speeding around his neighbourhood when there are kids and dogs around, endangering the community. He apparently did it again last night, at one point zooming by former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson. By the way, I, being a Miami Dolphins fan, have lingering residual hate for Keyshawn -- Jets era -- given our division rivalries. My point is that I’m never inclined to take Keyshawn’s side on anything. But this...

Keyshawn had his kid with him when Bieber recklessly drove past. So he took his kid home, responsibly, and then made the (questionable) decision to gun it after JB in his Prius. Still, somehow he caught up to him in his driveway, and seems to have been able to arrive before JB in his Ferrari and pulled into the driveway, blocking his entry. When Keyshawn tried to confront him, JB took off inside the house. It’s too bad. Because the internet would have broken forever if Keyshawn could have delivered his version of this photo:

Several other neighbours called the cops about JB’s behaviour and the cops came and are still investigating.

And Bieber? Well, he’s been tweeting. Words of wisdom and inspiration, obviously:

Write down the things in your life that make u happy. Think about all your blessings. Be in a good place. Stay smiling