I have a new New Year’s Resolution: that that will be the first and last time I call them #jailey on my blog. It’s a terrible moniker. But that’s what’s been blowing up on social media since last night when Justin Bieber posted this shot of him kissing Hailey Baldwin on Instagram:


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JB was back home in Stratford, Ontario with family around Christmas. Some of his family members then joined him and Hailey in Anguilla. For New Year’s they were in St Barts. And over the last few days it’s been a gradual progression of photos and videos starting here:


She thought we were taking a photo

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Then this:


New Years 💥

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Leading up to the kiss you saw earlier, which was then followed up by this shot of him staring at her tits:


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JB and Hailey have been denying up and down that they’re more than friends, even though they’re together, A LOT. They were not together, however, when he was photographed with his dick out in Bora Bora back in October. It was Jayde Pierce who was with him on that trip – click here to revisit those photos which, by the way, are still up on the NY Daily News website even though Bieber’s team made all kinds of noise about suing over invasion of privacy, but oh, they had no problem with Ellen DeGeneres putting them on her show. So please, give me a break with the outrage.

Anyway, is this an official declaration? You know these people. And they know their social media. So putting up a picture like that, with his hands all over her and their faces smashed together…

I’m taking it the only way it’s meant to be taken: that from now on, or until they break up in the summer, he’s only pulling his dick out on a beach holiday when he’s with her. And I’m not mad about that. Because, well, quite simply, it’s HOT. Come on. Just admit it like you did with his album, because it’s futile to resist: it’s hot. He’s hot.

But, really, this is the real reason I decided to write about Justin Bieber today. I came to work at the studio this morning for the first time in over two weeks. Look at my office door:

That’s how you’ll find me.