Justin Bieber, who’s often on the same party schedule as Leonardo DiCaprio, and who partied with Leo a few weeks ago, and was at Coachella at the same time as Leo, was reportedly chokeholded at Coachella the other day when he tried to get backstage for Drake’s set. According to TMZ, Leo’s mentee had the wrong wristband. And an argument ensued. And security told Leo’s little party brother to leave. And someone ended up trying to throttle the junior member of Leo’s Pussy Posse.

There’s video. The video doesn’t show much.

Leo’s party protégé has had a relatively well-behaved few months during his Tour of Contrition. This is the first “incident” that’s come up all year. And it may just blow over because he and Drake were seen together at the after-party and it was all good. But next weekend, when Leo and his apprentice are once again at the same party, grinding on the same models, he might want to remind his successor of the rules of Pussy Posse engagement. “Do you know who I am?” Let Lukas Haas say that for you while you hang in the back, behind a mask. Undercover, always.