According to TMZ Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were supposed to go to the Grammys together and Abel had even asked that she be seated next to him. That didn’t happen, which I find interesting, because TMZ is not Radar Online or IN TOUCH Weekly. They’re usually pretty locked in. But also, remember, TMZ deals with Team Bieber and if you read The New Yorker feature on TMZ last year, you know that TMZ and JB have negotiated a pretty sympathetic relationship over the years. Did JB’s people pass on bad info to TMZ? Or did Selena and Abel, knowing that TMZ is pro-Justin, intentionally troll TMZ? Sometimes the inside baseball behind the gossip is dirtier than the actual gossip.

Anyway, Selena skipped the Grammys but did hook up with Abel at Rihanna’s afterparty where she was seen wearing a “Nasty Woman” jacket.

So it’s still on. And they’re doing their thing. And, well, JB has something to say about it.

Petty f-cking boy sh-t. Is the best sh-t.

As someone who is petty as f-ck, let me tell you what’s satisfying. There are few things as satisfying as an ex who can’t stop getting into his feelings about you dating again. It’s the BEST. You’re out there living your life and making out with a successful chart-topping artist and your hair has never been thicker or healthier and meanwhile, that pouty baby you used to love still can’t let go. And not only can he not keep it private, he has to BROADCAST IT TO THE WORLD.

This is what I’m having a hard time understanding about JB, watching him snickering like this with his friend. Because it’s universal, what I’ve just described. No matter your age or background, it’s a universal understanding that that thing you can’t stop talking about? It’s the very thing you care most about! Nobody’s buying that he’s laughing at The Weeknd because he actually thinks it’s funny. Everyone buys that it’s bugging his ass – SO MUCH – that The Weeknd and Selena are together. And that The Weeknd is just as successful as he is…maybe more.

So that little punk sitting next to him in the car? That douchebag needs to learn how to be a better friend. Friends don’t let friends look like Chris Brown

Here's Abel out at Catch LA last night.