Little Baby’s naked phase

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 26, 2013 20:08:40 March 26, 2013 20:08:40

I hear this from time to time from friends who have kids:

“Oh she’s just going through a biting phase.”

“Oh he’s just going through a fruit phase. He just wants to eat fruit.”

And several times:

“Oh he’s just going through a naked phase. He doesn’t want to wear clothes.”

Usually referring to children under 6.

So here’s Justin Bieber, in Poland, Jacek’s motherland, at the airport in Lodz. (My favourite Polish word is “lody” pronounced “luh-deh” which I mangle into “low-dee” which means ice cream. Isn’t that a great way to say ice cream? LOW-DEE! Also, low-dee tastes SO MUCH BETTER in Polish.) As you can see, JB’s walking around with no shirt on again. Because...

Well, he must be going through a phase.


TMZ is reporting that Bieber’s being investigated for allegedly beating down a neighbour. Apparently JB returned from Europe this morning and the neighbour was all shouty about the loud parties that were happening at his place when he was away. According to the accuser, JB puffed his chest out and threw down some big boy words, followed by a big boy shove, and maybe even a threat.


JB’s security are telling TMZ that Bieber never touched the guy. Did they have to hold him back? Hold back all his big muscles? Like this?


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