Justin Bieber is in Miami, living large. Or trying to. Yachts, girls, beers…

It’s the big boy lifestyle. It goes with his muscles.

Did you read the NY Mag article about JB that was posted this week, written by Vanessa Grigoriadis? She’s the one who was supposed to do the Gwyneth Paltrow “take-down” or Vanity Fair last year. And the one who once described Britney Spears as an “inbred swamp thing” for Rolling Stone. It wasn’t meant to be malicious at the time. It was, rather, a reflection on an era. And the girl who represented it.

Grigoriadis’s piece on Bieber is well-researched and well-observed. Well worth your 10 minutes if you haven’t already. It’s a portrait of a person who’s been arrested by fame and misguided by parents and mentors. She is objective but also sympathetic, almost hopeful. There’s a sense of optimism, or perhaps wishful thinking, that he won’t implode. What I appreciate too is her point that we, collectively, have created him too. Them. That includes us, the audience, and also those who create our present and future stars. It’s a precarious life, that of a celebrity, a mega pop star. And yet, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours, we keep trying to produce them.

So can Justin Bieber save himself…from himself?

Well, for the time being, he’s enjoying the Fourth, tanning himself in his underwear. The other day he had his arms around a new girl. Which basically means he and Selena will be getting back together next week.

Click here to read the Grigoriadis article.