Last weekend, Justin Bieber stepped out in LA and managed to refrain from commenting on Selena Gomez and The Weekndwhich I appreciated. Lesson learned. Give them the benefit of the doubt and they will sh-t on your faith. Two days later, TMZ was reporting from JB’s sources how he JB thinks Selena is using Abel and this weekend, TMZ – always TMZ on behalf of JB – got JB on video responding to a question about The Weeknd’s music.

“That sh-t’s wack”

An album of the year nomination and now he’s all big and bad, non?

I don’t know if that’s the kind of comeback that gets people out of their seats and rolling backwards though. Seriously? “That sh-t’s wack” is the best sh-t he could come up with? It’s a Justin Timberlake level burn. Which means it’s not much of one. But…

I’ll take it. I’ll take it because Boy Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t. Boy Sh-t is as petty as Girl Sh-t. And if he’s running around calling The Weeknd’s sh-t wack, it means that, as we allllll knew, JB was as bugged by this as we thought he was, specifically because, as we allllll know, The Weeknd isn’t a bit player, an up-and-comer, or a pretender. JB can’t pffffttt The Weeknd.

But does The Weeknd have a response?

It’s been relatively quiet between him and Selena since those pap photos of them were first released. But they were hanging the other day, at a club called Tenant Of The Trees in Silver Lake. No photos of them together but there are these pictures on Instagram that night with other people, establishing that they were at the same place at the same time

This is Abel with the club owner:


💙 iconic @theweeknd 📸: @allieteilz

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And Selena with the DJ:



A photo posted by Allie Teilz (@allieteilz) on

Also this fake photo was being circulated this weekend on Twitter:

But here’s what Abel posted on his Instagram just yesterday:


throwback @hawkxo

A photo posted by The Weeknd (@theweeknd) on

Coincidence or conspiracy? A photoshopped shot of Abel and Justin was making the rounds on social media. Abel then decides to throwback the original, the message being… don’t you all go thinking JB and I were ever that tight, don’t you start imagining a kinship there that never was. (Thanks Ness!)

Attached - Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez out in LA last week, separately.