Justin Bieber performed on a great looking stage last night. Adele loved it. She mentioned him, I think twice, during one of her many acceptance speeches. Come on. You’re still not ready to admit that you sing along to Love Yourself? And that Sorry makes you happy?

JB won the BRIT Award last night for International Male Solo Artist. Scooter Braun was with him. Watch their reaction when his name is announced:

They wanted it. That’s a hug that says they wanted it. And the fact that Scooter’s there, sitting beside JB at the table, that the team came for this means it’s a big deal for them, the culmination of a plan that began a year ago with an endless apology, building toward the album that not only saved his career, but elevated it to another level.

So does he stay this well-behaved when he starts going out on tour?

PS. I apologise for what I’m about to say next…but I love JB’s jacket game right now.