It was predicted that Justin Timberlake would show up on stage at some point during Taylor Swift’s 5 show Staples Centre run…

And of course he had to be last. I’ll throw the video up right now because they’ve been pulling them down so fast you have to watch it as soon as you can.

If that’s gone by the time you read this here are some short clips from Twitter and Instagram:

Mirrors. It’s kinda perfect for both of them, non? I’m looking right at the other half of me…

Which is a reflection.

Taylor told the crowd that this was JT’s first stage performance since becoming a father. And he did it for her! He did it for her, OK? He also seemed like he didn’t want to give it back to her. Justin’s been quiet all year. How much longer can he stay away?

In addition to having JT join her for her final 1989 show in LA, Taylor also brought out Selena Gomez. They sang Good For You. Or “Goid” For You. Can’t wait to see what these two will be like on Sunday at the VMAs because MTV just confirmed yesterday that Justin Bieber will be performing his new song What Do You Mean that night. What Do You Mean comes out tomorrow and JB’s career looks to be in very good shape right now with the popularity of Where Are U Now. Remember this?

And, because Taylor loves cats, and sets up the coolest surprises, there was this:

The Staples takeover has finally come to an end…

But the VMAs are across the street at the Microsoft Theatre.