Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling, named the Worst Song of 2016 by several industry outlets, won the iHeartRadio Music Award for Song of the Year last night, because it was played so much on the radio.

Previously – as in when he was campaigning for Oscar – JT explained that he wrote the song for his son. During his acceptance speech last night though, he clarified that he actually wrote the song because “I wanted it to be about inclusion”.


That reminds me of last summer and the BET Awards, when Jesse Williams delivered that electrifyingly defiant speech. And you remember what JT did? Because that’s his move – Justin Timberlake is always climbing on someone’s back to borrow glory. He tweeted about how “inspired” he was by Jesse’s comments, only to be called out for, well, YOU KNOW. #NeverForget Janet Jackson. And how “inspiring” he was when he let her eat sh-t for the Super Bowl and remain blacklisted FOR LIFE while he and his ringlets cruised away undisturbed.

Justin tried to clap back at the criticism – and made it even worse. Now… he’s standing up on stage with a revisionist version of why he wrote his song and we’re supposed to applaud him?

I’ll applaud him when he finally decides to acknowledge that he did wrong by Janet Jackson – a subject he refused to discuss as recently as last month when he covered The Hollywood Reporter just prior to the Oscars. You don’t get to claim that you’re all about equality and fairness when you don’t confront how you were the beneficiary of inequality and unfairness.

In other JT news, it was Jessica Biel’s birthday on Friday. He threw a rolling skating party for her and she was very appreciative that he did something for someone else for a chance. Also he dedicated this to her on Instagram and people are freaking out over how “sweet” it is:

Read that back. Is the message really about her? Or, rather, is it about how she makes HIM feel? Every instance of the word “you” connects back to the word “me”. Which, basically, means his appreciation of her is in direct relationship to what she does for him. It means it’s ABOUT HIM!!! And if that wasn’t clear enough, the next thing he Instagrams, from HER birthday party, is a video not about her… but, as usual, about him, and his hat. She doesn’t even show up at all.


When you throw a roller skating Bday party for your wife but you can't figure out how to wear your hat... #MakeAmericaSkateAgain

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