That’ll make sense for you in a minute. Let me set the scene:

Last night, as we do when we’re covering these festivals and conventions, we get together at the end of the night for some drinks before we hit the party. We compare stories – how was your day, who did you get, how was your interview, do you think you have enough b-roll? – and sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, and that’s normal because you can’t all get along with the same people and it’s a great way to exchange information and compare observations.

I wasn’t with my own crew. These were reporters from other tv outlets, other print outlets, other bloggers, freelancers, proper film geeks, ALL OF US returned with the same verdict: Justin Timberlake please...


He is just as insufferable as expected. If not more. Just.As.Insufferable. And totally as far up his own ass as you would think. Totally, totally, totally.

I had him on a press line. Others had him at smaller roundtable situations. Wherever he was he was the same; it’s not that he’s incapable of giving a good answer and a usable soundbite, because he is, but that only happens when he knows he’s the centre of attention, you know what I mean? Especially when confronted with someone who might be as cool as he is. Cooler, actually.

One of the guys with us trading JT stories last night is a very goodlooking, on camera host. Stylish, great personality, tall, really comfortable with the ladies, has interviewed Pip several times, and every time Pip turns into a bitch – either goes out of his way to throw down a few notes, a song, to make sure ALL EYES ARE ON ME, or will roll his eyes or dismiss a question, as if what this dude is bringing is below him. Um, f-ck you. You wore an all denim acid wash suit to match your girlfriend at an awards show. Are you for real with this attitude?

So when this presenter was telling us his JT experience, I started thinking...

Who are Justin’s friends? His best friend is a little twerp who says yes to him all the time. As for his other friends – are any of them as tall, goodlooking, or “cool”? Remember that awkward energy he had with Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg? Click here for a refresher on how they meangirled him. Hilarious. Could he roll with Leo’s boys without being weird?

Justin Timberlake is That Girl. He can’t be friends with other pretty girls. Right???

This is EXACTLY what it is.

You should have seen him on the carpet. When it was all about him, it was all about him. As soon as it was Amanda’s turn to talk, he’d look away, look over our heads, tune out, not engage...

And of course, he only genuinely responded to questions about “film”. About his film knowledge. (Someone actually asked him like he curates the Criterion Collection – it was GROSS.) About his film “eye”. About his film “history”.

It’s goddamn Comic-Con and people dress up like Sailor Moon – can we at least get ONE fun, light, geekboy question in?

Not if you don’t want some attitude.

And what about when you ask about the “music”? Someone we know asked about the music. Now I get it that he’s tired of that question, but do you think Hugh Jackman would ever lip off someone for asking about Wolverine? Exactly.

Pippy’s response was not gracious. However it was UNintentionally amazing. Here it is:

Q: so what about your music career, any new material blah blah blah?

Justin Timberlake’s Unintentionally Amazing Answer:

“Yeah, my new single’s dropping next week... Not.”


First of all, why are you such a sulky twat?

And second and most importantly...


Who says “Not”?

“Not” is worse than, like, “bling bling”.

Don’t you cringe now when you hear some newscaster drop a “bling, bling” into the conversation? “Not” is like “bling bling”, only instead of it coming from some middle aged anchor trying to grow his hair back, the allegedly badass Justin Timberlake, the tastemaker of all tastemakers, is throwing it down like the guy no one wants at their lunch table.


Oh My God...

Not is such a wonderful gift. Justin Timberlake gave us “NOT”. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

You know what’s infuriating though? What’s infuriating is that no one can say this out in the open. Out in the open they have to kiss his ass. People were laughing his ass up and down last year when he actually thought he might get an Oscar nomination for The Social Network. Then you’d read their columns and they’d be remarkably neutral about it, if not almost supportive. Because Hollywood is pushing him so hard, they’re afraid to state the obvious: he canNOT act. If they acknowledge it though, they get punished in other ways.

One day there should be a reality show about entertainment reporters, no censoring. THAT’s when you’ll hear it all.

As for In Time...

They released the trailer to go along with the Comic-Con appearance. It’s not bad, actually. I interviewed the director Andrew Niccol yesterday, the kind of guy who’s really inside his own head, exactly the kind of guy who could make a movie like this work. But then...

Again the weakest link is not hard to spot. Watch Matt Bomer act circles around Justin head to head. Goddamn his delivery of a line is embarrassing.

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