Justin Timberlake performed last night at the Roseland Ballroom in New York paid for by Mastercard. It was announced last week that he’s signed a 2 year “partnership” with the company, because “endorsement” is a bad word now. Partnership is supposed to mean that he’s not simply cashing in a cheque. Partnership is supposed to suggest to the consumer that celebrities aren’t simply being sponsored, they’re actually working for the money. Said Timberlake about the deal:

“I’m thrilled to be a part of a collaboration that offers me the opportunity to connect and engage with fans and bring them closer to the music. MasterCard is a respected global brand and I look forward to working with them to bring something truly unique to their cardholders.”

In addition to Mastercard, JT also “collaborates” with Budweiser and MySpace. How’s the MySpace doing, by the way? Last I heard, it was a mess.



Justin Timberlake is Midas.

And he’s also announced this weekend on Instagram that The 20/20 Experience Part 2 will be released on September 30. Which means ... every song will be 15 minutes now instead of an already interminable 8?

As you know, the MET Gala is happening tonight. Click here to see the Timberlakes at the event last year. Mrs T was blocked by her fringe and a heinous pair of pink satin heels. In 2010 she went low rent and sateen. Click here for a refresher. In 2009 it was a red mullet dress. Click here for that.

And tonight?

Well, she’s growing out her fringe and using bobby pins to push them back. IF they go, I’ve already predicted it’ll be Tom Ford. The theme this year is “punk”. God I can’t wait to see what happens if she tries to be punk.

And then?

Inside Llewyn Davis will premiere in Cannes in a couple of weeks. JT has a supporting role. The Timberlakes first Cannes? Oh so he’ll try to make it all about him?