One of the least humble entertainers in the business always pulls the “bow down” move. Is that ironic?

He does it f-cking all the time!

Last night, Justin Timberlake presented Peyton Manning, Abby Wambach, and Kobe Bryant with their Icon Awards at the ESPYs. And when they came out on stage, he did his Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” bow. Check the video – it happens at 6:45.

Up to that point he was actually fine. He introduced the clips. He did not make it about himself. But then, I guess because he had yet to have a ME ME ME moment, he couldn’t just hand over the trophies and get out of the f-cking way. No. He had to bow. He had to make sure he got in a moment of spectacle for himself.

Nobody needs you to bow to know that these 3 individuals were leaders in their sport. You don’t have to put that exclamation down for anybody else. But, you know, thanks for that, JT. Now that we see you bowing, we REALLY appreciate how awesome they are.