Remember when Justin Timberlake pop and locked all over the Oscars, up and down the red carpet, all over the stage, and even in the aisle every time La La Land won an award? Well he also tried to pop and lock all over Meryl Streep.

So JT runs into Meryl backstage. And he fangirls her. Because she’s Meryl, sure, but because he has to make a big show of humbling himself in her presence, putting his hands together in prayer and bowing towards her. Then he pops and locks into her for a hug. And she endures it. But that’s it. Meryl is done with him. Only … he isn’t done with her.

Did that just make your life?

She’s like, get me the f-ck away from this goddamn TwiHard. And he parasites onto her arms, goddamn f-cking clinger that he is.