One of Justin Timberlake's greatest gifts is his ability to find anyone else to blame for his failings and only take credit for the wins. Remember when he pussied out on Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl?

Pips is featured in the new issue of Details. They talk about his style. On the subject of his old style, from back in the N Sync days, JT says it was The Machine. That they were all "marionettes". In other words, he totally wouldn't have dressed like that if it were up to him, despite the fact that he was a child then, and don't we all look like idiots at one time or another when we're young?

Of course not. Not Justin Timberlake who was born perfect.

A few years ago, my cousin Cat and I were picking through an old photo album and found a photo of ourselves, teenagers, at a Hong Kong pop star concert. It was BAD. I was wearing yellow parachute pants and crazy glasses. Her fringe was teased like There’s Something About Mary. We showed our husbands and they were horrified. We laughed. Because it’s part of your personal history. At some point we’ve all looked like assholes, acted like assholes, been assholes.

Why not shake your head and own it? Why not be like - sh-t, I was a dumb punk, you know? A dumb punk kid who just wanted to be a rock star. Ha ha.

It’s humble, it’s self-deprecating, it’s relatable.

And Justin Timberlake is none of those things. Justin Timberlake can never just eat it. Justin Timberlake thinks Justin Timberlake is the champ - you’re #1 dude! You’re the f-cking big ass dawg!

Who is now selling his own home line. Because he’s the authority on good taste. He’s good on SNL, isn’t he? That means he’ll be good at designing your new placemats. Click here for more on JT’s “collection”.