Justin Timberlake simply doesn’t sell at the movies the way he sells records. IN TIME was not certified platinum. IN TIME, with Pipsqueak firmly in the lead, was nowhere near gold either. Or silver. So he still has yet to prove that he can carry a movie.

As you know though, that ego, it doesn’t take well to rejection and failure. He would have already had the early numbers by Friday, the box office projections for IN TIME. And so, at 6pm PT on Friday afternoon, well past close for most outlets, Variety published a report about JT’s next role - in a Coen Brothers movie. It’s a gushing piece about how Justin has been offered the prestigious opportunity to work with the acclaimed Coens for a role in Inside Llewyn Davis about a group of folk musicians in the 60s.

That story was picked up throughout the weekend on movie sites, pretty much eclipsing the failure of IN TIME.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Well f-ck me, I wonder how Variety sourced the story.

But, you know, the Coens did not cast Justin Timberlake in the lead. In fact, if you read closely, he’s actually a supporting player to sexy ass Oscar Isaac who is in everything and is everywhere these days. And you will lose your mind over him in Madonna’s W.E. Madonna has always been great at putting hot men in her music videos. (Yes, think of W.E. as a music video and it all makes sense.)

Oscar will be Llewyn Davis. This is his story. Justin Timberlake is a guy who can sing in a supporting role...

There you go, see?

In other words, he’s playing himself. Which, at the movies, is just about the only thing he can do convincingly. In the background, doing a jig, hitting some high notes, oh Pipsy, it always comes back to the music, see? You will always be about the music. Only.

And here he is on Fallon the other night for the History of Rap 3... totally killing it, AGAIN proving, yet AGAIN, that he should always be part of the music conversation and, please, never part of the movie one.