You know what’s really annoying about *NSYNC? No one knows how to spell it. It’s asterisk then all-caps N-S-Y-N-C, right? Or is it an apostrophe? Is it lower case after a capital “N”? Is there a space between the “N” and the “S”? I know, I know, fangirl, you have the answer. My point is, there’s certainly no consistency. Google it right now. You’ll see at least half a dozen permutations.

Anyway, here’s the most successful *NSYNC breakout Justin Timberlake performing at the DirecTV Super Saturday Night Super Bowl event in New Orleans on Saturday. He debuted two new tracks from the upcoming album, as well as Suit & Tie. And Jay-Z joined him on stage. And he seems to be working the Frank Sinatra big band because I’m a big boy now angle. And everyone was happy because this is what JT does best. This is where he belongs. This is where he should stay. Look at him on the microphone. Look at him move with the microphone. Pips is so natural up there, feeling the music, reacting with the crowd. It’s organic. It’s the opposite of how UNorganic it feels to see him in a movie where he takes you right out of the action because it makes no sense.

One day, like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake will be asked to perform at halftime at the Super Bowl, no doubt. Will he, like Beyonce, invite his former bandmates to join him? Can you see Justin Timberlake allowing  Chris, Joey, JC, and Lance to crash his moment for a final replay of Bye, Bye, Bye?

There are some who think that Beyonce lacked magnanimity in asking Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to sing HER song, Single Ladies, while they were up there with her. Let’s revisit that conversation when it’s time for Pips.