Pip’s balls may not have dropped all the way, but he swaggers like he’s a real man, all badass and ready to rumble with his security close behind him prepped to jump in as he confronts a pap for shooting him while he’s eating. Video is below.

Do you remember Pipper on Punkd? When he practically wet his pants? Just as bonus, I’m throwing that in too.

As for this little incident in New York the other day, Pippy was objecting to being photographed while eating.

First of all… why the f-ck are you at a window seat? And next…

Maybe Shelfy is a good actor after all. Because I love how her face is all like – I’m so mad at you paps for taking my picture.


Amazing these two believe the bullsh-t they keep spoonfeeding themselves, especially when Jessica Biel is without a doubt as notorious of a paparazzi tipper as Ebola Paris Hilton, establishing a career out of her body and her boyfriend thanks to obliging photographers and a clever publicist.

But don’t let that important little fact get in the way of their sanctimonious sneers.

F-ck I wish that Britney wasn’t being pushed so hard to make a comeback but damn if I won’t enjoy it if she totally kills it with the entire world worshipping her, on our knees, reminding him every day that he’d be nothing without her.

This is Shelfy with assy hair but looking great in a black dress accentuating her best asset last night at the Baz Luhrmann event in New York evidently trying to brush asses with some key people who might give her a job, even though Easy Virtue impressed no one.

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Pippy's so ballsy

Pippy gets Punkd