Britney helps Justin, again

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 14, 2016 17:59:27 September 14, 2016 17:59:27

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Justin Timberlake was at TIFF yesterday for the documentary Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids. On the carpet, E!’s Marc Malkin asked JT about the only thing that matters where JT is concerned: Britney Spears. Because she made him. Here’s how it went down: 

Funny he mentions headline news. Because I’ve seen no headlines about Justin’s film today. But a LOT of headlines about Justin and Britney. As usual. It’s his project, and she’s the main draw, the way it’s been his entire career. I mean, I get it. He was asked a question and he answered. But he was asked THAT question because she’s the most interesting part of him. Which he’s been coasting on now since before he straightened his hair.

So go see Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids, brought to you by Britney Spears.

Wenn, Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

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