It was announced last fall that Justin Timberlake had invested in a beverage startup called Bai. There was a Bai commercial during the Super Bowl. Mostly it’s Christopher Walken low-talking the lyrics to NSYNC’s Bye, Bye, Bye. And then we cut to JT trying to express something with his face before he comes up in voiceover. So… how does this work? Are all members of NSYNC allowed to monetise the band’s material? Would JT have had to call Lance, Joey, JC, and Chris to get approval? Or do you think he just went ahead with it because who’s gonna challenge ME, ME, ME?!

JT wasn’t at the Super Bowl. But this ad gave him a presence at the Super Bowl. And anytime he’s comes anywhere near the Super Bowl… well… if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know what I’m thinking.


So he gets to make money from the Super Bowl and …what about Janet? Is anyone asking Janet Jackson to front a Super Bowl commercial? Has anybody asked Janet to front anything since he exposed her nipple over a decade ago? That would be no, because she’s permanently banned from the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, he gets to make Super Bowl ads and it’s only a matter of time. A matter of time before he gets invited to be the halftime performer. #NeverForget. F-ck him. 

Here's JT at the Producers Guild Awards last week.