Most people with a smartphone these days know their angles. We are a photo-obsessed society. That, along with the social networking, has made us more vain than ever. So you know, I’m sure a lot of you know that, generally, having your picture taking from below, where you are looking down at the camera, is not the most flattering shot. It’s certainly not the most thinning shot. Congratulations to you if you don’t care. But you know who would care?


Victoria Beckham would SO care.

But she allowed herself to be shot from below. By Karl Lagerfeld, naturally. For French ELLE. Would civilians be more open to being shot from below if we knew we’d be photoshopped? Not that Posh needs photoshopping for slenderness. But still, if it was David telling her to pose on the stairs while he iPhoned her at the bottom, this picture would not have happened. Karl however told her to pose on the stairs at Coco Chanel’s. Who else could she trust to make her look as skinny as possible?

Posh’s French ELLE comes out on Friday. Click here for more information.