TMZ broke the story today that director Len Wiseman, the 42 year old husband (maybe no longer) of Kate Beckinsale, has been hanging out with a 24 year old model a lot lately. They were out on Tuesday until 2am together. Here are some shots of them back in October. And he hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring.

But then again, neither has Kate.

I’ve just spent some time looking at photos of Kate from earlier this year. At the MET Gala in May? No ring:


At a Burberry event in April? No ring:


I’ve often said that no ring doesn’t necessarily mean no love, but when you consider that they’ve not been seen together in a while, and he hasn’t accompanied her to any events since the Golden Globe after-parties all the way back in January, and that he’s hanging out with a hot young girl and not really caring about being papped…

Well. That adds up to something.

A quiet separation?

Is Kate Beckinsale single?

The first person that just came to mind for me was Ben Affleck. It would be a Pearl Harbour reunion! You know how many compilation videos they star in on YouTube?

Also attached - Kate at the airport earlier this month.