Kate Hudson’s white, body-slamming Versace is probably going to end up on most Best Dressed Lists from the Golden Globes. It’s certainly hard to ignore.

Is it really though?

Is it really the Best Dress?

Or is it the Best Body?

There’s a difference, non?

And it’s not that showing off a body is bad. It’s just that… when that’s the ONLY objective in determining your red carpet look, it just becomes so creatively limiting. To me, there’s nothing “stylish” about wearing something that clings to your perfectly toned ass just for the sake of showing me that your ass is perfectly toned. This dress requires zero design imagination. Any club girl on a Friday night is going to tell you that this is the dress she’s been looking for at the mall. Any Kardashian is going to tell you that this is the dress she’ll be wearing to dinner on a random Tuesday evening for no reason. It’s not hard to ask for an updated version of Elizabeth Hurley’s safety pin. It’s also not special, not at all.