Kate Hudson is dating Danny Fujikawa. That’s been the main Kate Hudson headline for the last couple of weeks. Prior to that, the big Kate Hudson headline was about how her ex-husband, Chris Robinson, had filed a request with the court to review the custody agreement for their son Ryder, 12. They currently have joint custody. And it’s worked for 10 years. And so the suggestion here is that, for whatever reason, Chris wants to change it...because?

So here’s Kate in Hawaii on holiday with her boys. She’s having so much fun with them on the beach, in the ocean, and I haven’t seen any shots of Danny yet. Presumably then, the takeaway from these shots is that she hasn’t lost her head in love, she’s spending time with her children, she’s present for her children. And the paps just happened to be there to capture the moments.

Kate Hudson grew up in Hollywood. She’s been built by Hollywood. Her DNA is Hollywood. Her entire circle is based in Hollywood. Kate Hudson knows the Hollywood game. Not that I thought you would have forgotten that. But a reminder never hurts.