Charlene Wittstock may or may not take off on Prince Albert of Monaco half way down the aisle today but she’s not the bride who is trending on Twitter. That would be Kate Moss. Kate will marry Jamie Hince today in the Cotswolds. They’ll have a proper ceremony at a church and then it’s a massive party at her country house which some are calling Mosstock. I love this so much.

Anyway, Kate and Jamie went to wedding rehearsal yesterday and also posed for photographers. Security re: paps will be a lot tighter today as it’s rumoured she’s sold the rights to the wedding to US Vogue. And word is she will definitely be wearing Galliano with her maid of honour in Erdem (what a week for Erdem) and Sadie Frost, one of her best friends, in Christopher Beale. OF COURSE Anna Wintour wants to publish it. We’re all dying to see it.

They throw around the words “Fashion Icon” much too liberally these days. If I were Kate Moss I’d be insulted to be labelled fashion icon alongside Victoria Beckham. It’s totally not the same.

Look at Kate’s gypsy dress here on Thursday. And the vintage boots. It’s the whimsy and the imagination, purely unique and all Kate Moss. Right? I’m not saying YOU should hook that sh-t up and wear it out tonight to the party. I’m saying Kate has pretty much painted it straight up and down with her signature.

Am really charmed by how happy and excited she seems. And again, in spite of myself, I can’t wait to see that dress.

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