Earlier this week, there was a headline circulating about Kate Moss dating Jake Curtis, the son of Love Actually director Richard Curtis, who is 18 years old. The report came from the Daily Mail. If you click on that link though, you’ll note it’s broken. Because last night, Kate stepped out with her actual boyfriend, Count Nikolai von Bismarck who is 28 years old. And they made it very clear that they were still together despite rumours about a breakup. They started hooking up when he moved into her basement. He’s a Count. Why does he need to live in someone’s basement? And if you’re a Count who does need to live in someone’s basement, should you really go around calling yourself a Count?

Anyway, Kate was out to promote her new collection with Equipment. Love Equipment, love Kate Moss style. Totally buying, if it doesn’t sell out. She also granted a rare interview to The EDIT to help sell this line. You can read it here, page 10. Not sure when this took place though because she refers to Jamie Hince as “my husband”. But note how the article begins, like this:

Kate Moss almost never gives interviews. Blame Johnny Depp, her onetime boyfriend. He taught her a lesson about fame – never complain, never explain – that she still follows to this day.

Never explain sounds about right.