Remember that model Kate Winslet was dating? Louis Dowler. They broke up in November. Well, apparently they’re back together. Page Six reports that they were seen together a few days ago driving around in Woodstock. Remember when you all were like – she and Leo should totally be together!!!!!

Yeah I never really understood this.

On an unrelated note, but kinda related all the same, especially where Leo is concerned, I just received an email from a reader called Kathleen who called Blake Lively a “stupid git” which for some reason totally cracked me up and now I can’t focus. “Git” is such a great word. But I don’t think it works when you have a North American accent.

Kate Winslet, for example, could make it sound good.

As for Kate professionally, it seems a foregone conclusion she’ll receive at least an Emmy nomination for her work in Mildred Pierce and she may be Oscar hunting again with Carnage, the film adaptation of Tony Award-winning The God of Carnage, co-starring Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz, and John C Reilly directed by Roman Polanski. That’s 4 Oscars right there. Kate and Jodie facing off? Please. I’m all over it.

Just... sigh... this Polanski issue...

I have been asking myself this for a long time, since this blog started – if you find what Polanski did to be objectionable, do we judge the people who work with him, do we hold that against them? Maybe we can discuss this later during the liveblog?

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