Pitch Perfect was on my Top 10 Movies List of 2012. It was the best. It’s on repeat on my iPad for the plane. I’ll never tire of Pitch Perfect. And you must know, there’s a sequel, directed by Elizabeth Banks.

Banks has been very active on social media, posting photos from the set, like this one, of the Bellas.


New to the team: Hailee Steinfeld. And Banks also announced this week that playing the part of Steinfeld’s mother is none other than…Katey Sagal! So underrated, so underappreciated, but always, always excellent. Did you see her in the last season finale of Sons Of Anarchy? Can you imagine how much better that’s going to get as we move towards the series finale? WHEN is she finally going to get some Emmy recognition?

Check out Katey performing at the Stagecoach Festival a couple of weeks ago. The woman is a FORCE.