Sit DOWN is not an admonishment that should be overused. You could easily tell that nauseating Rossum to Sit DOWN every day…but that’s too easy. Sit DOWN is like the C-bomb. The C-bomb is a word you use sparingly…only for the most deserving.

Similarly, Sit DOWN must be applied to the most appropriate of occasions and offenders.

Like Katherine Heigl. Who somehow manoeuvred her way onto Barbara Walters’s Most Fascinating List and in an interview with Vanity Fair decided to piss on the people that made her year – namely Judd Apatow – calling Knocked Up “sexist” and blatantly trying to ingratiate herself with the MiniVan Majority.

Only it backfired. Because while the MiniVan pledged its blind devotion in the same way they flock to the hypnotising shouts of Oprah’s proselytising, everyone else railed on Heigl’s sanctimonious ass, as her ingrate comments spread like wildfire on the web, prompting Katie’s publicist to draft a statement for immediate release:

"It"s important to me to take a minute and clarify the quote about Knocked Up in Vanity Fair. I was responding to previous reviews about the movie the interviewer brought to my attention. My motive was to encourage other women like myself to not take that element of the movie too seriously and to remember that it"s a broad comedy.

Although I stand behind my opinion, I"m disheartened that it has become the focus of my experience with the movie. The truth is, it was the best filming experience of my career. Every person that was a part of making Knocked Up helped to encourage, support and inspire me. I never intended for anyone to think otherwise."

Bitch… please.

It was very, very, very clearly stated – and you can’t misconstrue this, her words in Vanity Fair:

“It was hard for me to love the movie.”

Hypocrite, famewhore, now a backpeddler. Katherine Heigl is officially the tv girl heir to Jennifer Aniston. Oh joy.


photo from Wenn