Yesterday it was reported that Katherine Heigl will replace KaDee Strickland in a pilot about sexy lawyers who lawyer while having sexy sex. The show is called Doubt, which, I can’t believe THAT is the best title someone can come up with for a show about lawyers. It’s one step away from just calling the show LAWYERS! Anyway, the pilot is filming for CBS and the leads are being recast, with Heigl taking the female lead, Sadie, a “smart, chic” attorney who bones her criminal defense client. That role, Billy, hasn’t been recast yet after the original guy jumped ship for The Flash (GOOD CALL). This show sounds dumb as sh*t, but it is being produced by two veterans of Grey’s Anatomy, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater. Re-teaming Katherine Heigl with Grey’s alums? That sounds like a great idea, guys! Go team!

This is Heigl’s second attempt at toplining a TV show since her film career fizzled out. Her initial foray back into TV was NBC’s State of Affairs, which was cancelled after one (short) season. I doubt Doubt lasts much longer, which is not actually anything to do with Heigl, but just that it sounds dumb as sh*t and TV is so f*cking competitive these days that a plot that sounds recycled from a fifteen year old episode of Ally McBeal is not going to get it done. But Heigl has a slightly improved chance with a show on CBS because that’s the channel that old people fall asleep to, giving it the highest network ratings. CBS is weirdly stubborn about cancelling shows—how in the f*ck is Under the Dome still on the air?—but then, they have the ad revenue to keep airing Senior Citizen Nap Time every night.

In related news, there was a rumor earlier this summer that Heigl was finally firing her momager, Nancy Heigl. Hahaha, that will never happen.