The Hollywood Reporter posted an analysis of Katherine Heigl’s career yesterday. Have you read it?

According to the article, Heigl basically pissed away her film career by mouthing off about her projects and being a bitch on set. And it’s not just her, it’s also her mother, aka her best friend, who makes outrageous demands about everything from money to accommodations to casting and scripting and more.

Having f-cked herself over with bad movie projects, Heigl is now trying to get back into television. Click here for my previous coverage about her upcoming CIA pilot – a Homeland/Scandal hybrid. She tried to do this before, apparently, when she made noise about wanting to return to Grey’s Anatomy but Shonda Rhimes put a hand to her face.

And of course she was fired by her publicist at one point – the same publicist who works with a roster of well-known talent from Zac Efron to Chris Pine to Octavia Spencer to Shia LaBeouf. Um, what does it say about Katie Heigl that Melissa Kates would rather work with Shia LaBeouf than with her?

To be fair, there were several people who stepped up to defend Heigl in the piece. And she’s supposedly committed to convincing people that she’s changed, realising that she’s run out of options. But…is it too late? After all, Katherine Heigl isn’t a total original. Who was missing Katherine Heigl? Was anyone missing Katherine Heigl? It’s not like Katherine Heigl was doing sh-t that no one else can do.

As I’ve written over and over again, this is what’s so fascinating about the psyche of an actor. They give up so much to get there. And then once they get there, so many of them sabotage themselves and lose it. What is the source of this compulsion?

Click here to read the full THR piece.