Katie Holmes’s publicist confirmed to Page Six that her clothing line Holmes & Yang, a collaboration with Jeanne Yang, is over. Not a surprise. They haven’t presented a collection in years. And you can’t buy it at Barneys anymore. “Interpersonal conflict” has been cited as the reason. And another source confirms to the NYP that “Jeanne enjoys the spotlight way more than Katie does. Things have definitely soured between them”.

Right. And that source wouldn’t happen to work for Katie, would they?

Why the ugliness? Well, Victoria Beckham went off to send clothes down the runway with Anna Wintour in the front row. Meanwhile, Katie’s sh-t is, well, it’s sh-t, and it wouldn’t hurt to blame someone for her fashion failure. It’s not Katie’s fault. Katie knows style. She just partnered with someone who was a famewhore.

I don’t know. I couldn’t even remember what Jeanne Yang looked like until I pulled up this photo. Meanwhile, Katie was leaving out the front door instead of alternate entrances when she first left Tom Cruise, making sure we knew she was the fearless, courageous Mother of the Year, a new member of the Mothers Against Xenu Club.

So no clothes from Katie. At least not for a while. Have you ever seen a Holmes & Yang collection? Click here. Exactly. Forget a possible fight, maybe that’s why there’s no more Holmes & Yang. As my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, would say:

Low Colley (Low Quality)