Katie Holmes was photographed yesterday in New York on the set a new movie called Mania Days about a rapper with mental health issues who hooks up with a poet (Katie) with mental health issues and she ends up getting pregnant. Spike Lee is producing, producing not directing, and all the headlines about it yesterday were kinda misleading: Katie Holmes working on a Spike Lee movie! Yes... but not really the same, right?

It's the first I've heard of the project. Don't remember it being mentioned in any of the trades. Let me know if you recall differently. These day, as soon as anyone books anything, or is even negotiating something, Deadline or Variety or the Hollywood Reporter or Vulture is all over it. Oftentimes this is driven by the actors' teams in an effort to demonstrate that they're in demand. Given the premature cancellation of Katie's last job, on Broadway, and the absence of her clothing line Holmes & Yang from NY Fashion Week in February, this news, that she's booked a new role, would have been a good win after a couple of professional stalls. I'm surprised they didn't hype this up some more. And I wonder why.

Is it because she's just not a gamer that way and she prefers to let the work stand on its own? Please.

Was she advised not to for whatever reason that will make itself evident later on? A request from producers, or a strategy in place for later? An exclusive to the NY Times perhaps? Or did the deal come together very late and they didn't have time to issue a release? Why does it matter? Deals that come together late are always interesting. Is it a replacement?

The male lead is Luke Kirby. You may remember him from Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz. Not sure if he's single. Should we start this rumour now?