I’m never going to complain about a woman in a suit on a red carpet. And it’s been such a great year for suits on red carpets in that there can be as much variety in suits as there are in dresses. Sometimes all it takes is a pop of colour. Like Nicole Kidman in this EXCELLENT suit with a deep pink shirt. Sometimes it’s the cut. Like Lady Gaga’s oversized suit earlier this week. Sometimes it’s judicious use of feathers. 

Here’s Katie Holmes in the Outfit of the Week and, I know, I know, I never thought it would happen either. It will probably never happen when Katie’s in Zac Posen, her friend and favourite, because the Zac Posen aesthetic isn’t my favourite. But this is not Zac Posen, it’s Prada. And Prada’s giving us a suit with feathers at the cuffs and at the hem and I love it. 

You know why this is working so well? Because the suit is slouchy, fits like pyjamas. So the feathers don’t seem like that much of a stretch. Because the vibe evoked here is borderline sleepwear/lingerie. Except there’s just enough structure in the tailoring to hold it all up, to give the look some polish, some formality. And the colour too hits exactly the right tone as the grey works to downplay the effect of those feathers. Keeping the accessories to a minimum and the hair simple was also the right call. You don’t need to do that much more when you’re working with feathers.