When have you known Orlando Bloom to skip a party? And the Vanity Fair Oscar party no less. Everyone is usually in LA for Oscar weekend. It’s a working weekend. For most, it’s a get-work weekend. And if there’s anyone who needs more work, it’s Orlando Bloom. But he wasn’t there. He was, however, with Katy Perry in Hawaii. They started at the beginning of award season, at the Golden Globes. We’ve now come to the end of award season. Not that that’s a long time in actual weeks. I guess it just feels that way because of Leo’s longing.

Anyway, as you’ll see from the photos, they’re hiking, they’re holding hands, they’re going to dinner, they look really into each other. Apparently they stayed at a private house together and were there because she played a private show last week. Click here to see the pictures.

See that shot of him with his arm around her and they’re looking right at each other? It’s early. That’s definitely early eye contact. First three months eye contact. Do they make it to the summer?