“If she says sorry”

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Can you please just take a moment to appreciate the photo I’ve chosen to go with this post? The expression on both their faces? Do I have to keep writing? Isn’t this picture the whole story?


Katy Perry was killing time the other night and decide to tweet her followers. One of them asked if she’d ever collaborate with Taylor Swift. Which, as you know, Katy could have totally ignored. She decided not to ignore:



It’s the exclamation point at the end that kills me.


That exclamation point is basically smiling after giving someone the finger.

This is probably the most overt either one has been about their feud. Previously on Taylor vs Katy aka Bad Blood, both have spoken passive aggressively, in riddles and song. And oblique tweets. Katy is now coming right out to confirm that (in her mind) Taylor owes her an apology. You know why that’s awesome?

Because if she’s putting it out there that Taylor owes her an apology, we get to ask her – when she comes out with her album, I guess – what Taylor should be saying sorry for. FOR WHAT?!

I mean, at this point, isn’t that a fair question? Not just for Katy but for Taylor too?

As for the apology and whether or not it will actually happen – here’s the thing about Taylor and Katy: they’re both petty. You have to be petty to write a song about it. You have to be petty to be putting this sh-t on blast on Twitter. Petty people don’t usually say sorry. And petty people aren’t usually satisfied with private apologies. Petty people need the apology AND they need everyone else to know they’ve been apologised to. Which should tell you everything about whether or not an apology is ever actually going to happen, from either side. 

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