I’m not writing an entire essay on why Katy Perry’s performance at the AMAs sucked. There are academics who will and have already. My job as a gossip blogger is to point out that she is a f-cking idiot, following Dean’s example – click here to read his crusade against her earlier this year.

It’s called Cultural Appropriation. The gaping hole in her costume so that her breasts would be visible? That pretty much is what Cultural Appropriation looks like. Or, you could say it’s fetishisation. To better illustrate the point, watch Perry (singing terribly, by the way) at the AMAs last night – video below – and and then click here to listen to her “obsess” about the Japanese on Kimmel last year. Back to back. View them back to back and let the grossness punch you in the face.

But then again, she worships the “brilliance” of John Mayer’s mind. I mean, in all fairness to her, she was setting us up for this the whole time. That we would expect more, and better, is our mistake.