Although she looks much lovelier without makeup than she does with, for me it’s the underbite and by association, that jaw that has always kept Keira off my list of girl crushes. Watch her, any of her movies, you will note that the bottom set of teeth matches up and even, at times, protrudes beyond the top set, thereby adding to the large mass of square that completes her face and giving way to an almost toothy attack when she smiles…sorry, I’m just sayin’… Here are Keira and Rupert at LAX, well coordinated from attire to cheekbones to matching gait and matching expression. And while I don’t particularly adore the jaw, I do adore the career and I adore even more that she’s now spreading the success onto Lindsay Lohan. A Dylan biopic and a lesbian arc? More Oscar desperation from my Lilo… I so totally approve. Source