Some of you love giving me grief about what I refer to as her gargantuan jaw, either claiming to not understand the fixation or calling it a thing of beauty and calling me a batty blind bitch for thinking it. Read below a hilarious ode to Keira’s most unmistakable feature, courtesy the brilliant folks at Best Week Ever, ranking it the 7th Wonder of the Celebrity World. Hee. Before you go for a giggle though, please note – to me it’s not really her jaw but her ubiquitous pout. Her purposeful pout. The pout she had to dispose of during filming of Pride & Prejudice at the director’s behest. And as much as you complain about Posh’s pout, you really do have to direct the same disdain for Keira’s. A classic example of Bitch… Please. BWE on the Jaw: Sometimes, while watching any movie featuring Keira Knightley, we’ll momentarily forget that her incredibly jutting and sharp chin is actually attached to a human being rather than starring in the movie itself. At no point is her chin-talking phenomenon worse than in the preview for the movie Domino, with Knightley slicing open the phrase “Moy neem is Domeeno Hahvee, Oy Eem a Bountee Huntah” with her alien-like Brit-jaw practically tearing the silver screen open like a gremlin on the loose. A chin so extraordinary, it even writes its own blog, called, appropriately, The Adventures of Keira Knightley’s Jaw. PS. Britney bald came out at #1. Followed closely by the origins of Little Sci at #2. Snort. Source via Source