I am not the best judge of good/bad posture because my posture is for sh-t. I have chronic neck and shoulder problems. Also, sometimes, tv vanity rules don’t help either. They always tell you – as Keira Knightley seems to be doing here at the photocall for her new movie Last Night at the Rome Film Festival today – to stick out your chin, forward protrusion of the neck, when you’re being photographed so as to eliminate any, any possibility of a double chin. Obviously there’s no universe in which Keira Knightley owns a double chin but that’s just how this sh-t works.

A physiotherapist however once told me that this is terrible, terrible, terrible for the neck and shoulder muscles. That the best neck position is actually a slightly tucked chin. Not like Gilly from SNL or anything so extreme, but certainly a terrifying prospect for any actress.

I’m not sure if that’s just the way Keira always stands, or if it happens to be a little extra on this occasion. Or maybe it’s the length of her bob making is extra, how it’s accentuating her neck. Anyway, there was a press conference afterwards and when she’s relaxed and not posing, there’s such a big difference.

Keira worked on Last Night over a year ago. She still has London Boulevard with Colin Farrell to release but after that it may be a while before we see her again at the movies. Instead, she’s going back to the stage next year in a production of The Children’s Hour in London with Elisabeth Moss. There have been many rumours lately about her playing Princess Diana but those originated with the UK Daily Mail and, well, you know it’s best not to take a lead from them.

Photos from Wenn.com and Pascal Le Segretain/Gettyimages.com