The Elie Saab that Keira Knightley wore at the gala premiere of A Dangerous Method on Saturday night was beautiful. But I almost love more the long Erdem that she changed in to for the afterparty at Grey Goose/Soho House. Unfortunately there are no full length photos of it. Only this one of her with David Cronenberg.

At the press conference, she and Viggo Mortensen posed in Habs jerseys. Cute, right?

She was SO f-cking cute that night with her boyfriend James Righton. They spent most of the evening on one of the side couches talking to producers, friends, really chill, and really happy. She was so happy. She was so comfortable. They were so in love. And he seems so sweet. Has a very boyish face. Was totally ok with not being The Main Focus in the room. Just content to be around her.

And she looks good. Healthy good. Thin, yes. But not like last year. On her way out, which was WAY before George Clooney, well before he was even finished eating, I saw her nip a macaroon into her mouth. Without hesitation. I almost clapped.

James did not walk the carpet. Or if he did, no one bothered to take a picture which is why I have none to include.

Photos from Grey Goose and