There was a screening for Love, Wedding, Marriage last night. Mandy Moore is the lead. It's apparently available on demand right now and will open in limited release next week. Obviously because the anticipation for it is so high. I mean, with Kellan Lutz as the romantic interest and Jessica Szohr in the best friend role? Please. You're ordering that sh-t right now, aren't you?

Not sure where Mandy was but here are Kellan and Jessica being very important last night on the carpet. Like there couldn't be two more useless personalities.

Jessica, as you may have heard, is getting the gate from Gossip Girl. Vanessa hasn't been relevant since, well, since Vanessa. And now that she's no longer with Ed Westwick, there's even less reason to keep her around.

As for Kellan, he still has 2 more Twilight movies due for release and a part in Immortals, if it's still called that, and maybe another bit part here and there in a project that's as high on your radar as Love, Wedding, Marriage. I had actually never heard of it until this morning, when I went to check the photo agencies and came across this set. Then I googled the trailer and cringed for 2 minutes.

It all makes me feel very sad for Mandy Moore. Because this, or at least the way they've cut it, makes her look like she's worse at acting than he is. How do they even find the money to make this happen? And James Brolin isn't poor. So what the f-ck?!

Photos from Kevin Winter/