Kellan Lutz might have been the best part of the MMVA red carpet arrivals show…and maybe the shortest interview of anyone there. Because, well, because Kellan Lutz had nothing to say. Are you having a great time?

I guess.


You’re an action star now (ahem, that’s kind), will you come over to our Twitter camera and pose?

No. I don’t have a pose.

Oh, OK, why don’t I bring you over there and we can come up with one together?

And then they never cut back to him. Why cut back to someone so utterly devoid of personality?

Duana gets letters all the time from people who want to avoid names by association, even though they’re good names. She keeps trying to push Damian on people who can only remember the movie The Omen. Most of the time I agree with her rationale – by the time your kids grow up, the pop culture reference that was attached to the name will long be forgotten.

Kellan however…

Kellan’s a nice name. But now…

Now I hear Kellan and I see this.

Attached – Lutz at the Fragrance Foundation Awards last night in a velvet suit.