Like I said yesterday, I don't know what"s going on with this girl. Maybe it's method acting, maybe Kenny Chesney, Jack White, Beatrix Potter…maybe they all f*cked her up good. Whatever the case, she's fallen down and hit her head and it's a damn shame because before this I really thought Renee Zellweger was one of the good ones and then she comes to town and drives around like a woman possessed and almost runs people over and cusses about it without apology and you have to wonder - where are her manners? And how much help does she need? 

Here's the latest: Vancouver. I wasn't born here, I am native to Toronto, but I have learned to love Vancouver culture. And it's a bit of a "green" culture. Tree-huggers, bikers, organic this and that, lots of granola, yoga, zen mountain buddha peace mixed in with a little wannabe LA, and the best dog city in the world. We hike, we walk everywhere, we pretend that we prefer nature to gossip and frivolity… it's a very unique experience, especially when you're not indigenous and slowly, gradually, you begin to pick up on the nuances. Like being good to the environment…something Renee evidently doesn't appreciate, at least not judging by what I heard the other day. 

Word is, she pulls up in her SUV outside of a store, she's chatting on her cell phone, she's idling, she doesn't turn off the car, over 30 minutes goes by, she's still yapping, the engine is still running, and just to let you know, in Vancouver, it's a bylaw violation to leave your car running for over 5 minutes (treehuggers, I told you), so a shopkeeper comes out to her, asks her to shut off the car, she not only refuses but she's a total f&cking bitch about it. 

And then there's the incident on the set yesterday. They're shooting a scene, they finish, I'm told she completely flips out on the director, starts yelling at him, pointing accusingly at him, a long tirade that ends with her stomping off down the street, where she finds a rock to mope on, and she picks a few blades of grass, a few weeds, she's coaxed back to set by a couple of people, by the end of the day, she's hugging the director again but I'm told people are kinda freaked out by her instability, walking on eggshells, and who can blame them? It does suck…it does suck that Renee has an Alba side. I wish she didn't have an Alba side. I hope she finds a lover to unclog that bitch, you know what I mean?