Kerry can sing

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 13, 2013 14:18:02 August 13, 2013 14:18:02

All of us here at LaineyGossip have been girlcrushing on Kerry Washington for months, Duana in particular. I should show you some of the emails she sends me:

“Kerry said this!”

“Kerry dropped a reference in an interview that no one else understand, because they hadn’t read xxwhateverbookxxx.”

Needless to say, Duana, the musical theatre nerd who insists I can’t sing (which is a lie), is probably fangirling herself at work right now after watching this video of Kerry Washington who evidently CAN sing. She sang with Jordin Sparks backstage at the Teen Choice Awards:

OK so it was only a few bars. But beyond the singing, what makes this clip awesome isn’t just the singing but Kerry’s attitude – she’s fun and confident, without being cocky, and mostly…she just rolls. There’s no “oh please, no, I can’t”, she’s not precious, she knows she might embarrass herself but so what, and it makes me really, really, really want to be invited to her sleepover party.

Also I just needed another excuse to post this dress because I have to have to have to have it.


Wenn, Jason Merritt/ Getty

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