There’s a rumour that Matt Damon wants to move to Australia and has bought a house next door to Chris Hemsworth and they’re saying it’s because of Donald Trump. Matt has since denied it. But it would have been a much better story if the reason he allegedly wanted to move is because he’s BFF with Chris now and not Ben Affleck. Matt did this with Ben in LA, remember? He bought a house on the same street. Ben’s residential situation has changed since, obviously. And if there is a story here about Matt pulling the same move but with a different friend, and someone he and his wife and family have been hanging with a lot more over the last few years, that’s the better make-a-story. (Dlisted) 

Are Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler still friends? Are they taking a break from each other? Did Chelsea take “edgy, arty” Justin Theroux’s side? If it’s true that they’re not that close anymore, I feel like it’s not anything to do with Justin and everything to do with the fact that when Chelsea keeps Jen’s name in her mouth, the sh-t she says about Jen never holds up the “single and loving it” free spirit that Jen might be branding herself as these days. When your friends can’t stop bitter-bitching about your ex-husband’s now ex-wife, that bitterness can seem shared. (Cele|bitchy) 

Co-sign all the FUG Girl words here about Angela Bassett. I mean, it’s Angela Bassett. She can totally turn a QVC outfit into clothes for a queen. And besides, when you’re out here feeling yourself and everyone is nodding because they would feel themselves too if they were ANGELA F-CKING BASSETT, of course she’s going to turn what might be a 5/10 outfit into a 15/10 outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 
They’re starting work on John Wick 3 next month. Normally, when we talk about third movies, fatigue has long set in. Nobody is tired of John Wick, not even after two movies. And most people agree that a third movie is, like, almost necessary. What’s he going to do now that he can’t get into the hotel anymore and no longer has the protection of Ian McShane? WHAT HAPPENS TO THE DOG!?! I never imagined that I’d be reading John Wick speculation like I read Game Of Thrones speculation but this is the surprising gift of John Wick. It makes me mad that Duana hasn’t seen either one. I think I might need to Show Your Work her ass on this one. (Looper) 

Ava Phillippe, the daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, is 18 years old now. And she may have been on a date with the grandson of a Beatle. I love these celebrity offspring hookups. Because how do the regular parent rules apply in this situation? Did your parents get mad at you if you got home late? And did they hold it against the person you were out late with? Does this happen with celebrities? If Ava comes home late, or sh-t faced, does Reese label Paul McCartney’s grandson a bad influence? In one of these shots he looks a little like Timothee Chalamet. (TMZ)

Do you ever have food outrage? I do every five minutes. There are different kinds of food outrage. Like I am outraged every time I see a raisin. WHYYYYYYY is raisins? Raisins are nefarious. They’re the dementors of food. I am still outraged about goop’s dimsum for dummies from a couple of months ago. And now, apparently some people are putting kiwi in their kimchi, WHAT THE F-CK?!(Slate)