By the time this article is posted, they should probably now already be here. On The Road premieres tomorrow. Here are Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund at LAX yesterday. So they’ll have tonight to rest and tomorrow it’s the photo call, press conference, the gala in the evening, and a party after that.

As previously mentioned, Kiki is the reigning Cannes Best Actress. Back to walk another carpet but it’s not her style anymore to do so with her boyfriend...only her boyfriend is in the movie too, a major part of the movie, so it’s not like he can duck inside the theatre either.

A few years ago, when Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf were together, the only time they posed side by side in Cannes was as part of a group and photo editors just ended up cropping out the other people anyway when they published the shots. Am curious to see if it’s the same with Dunst and Hedlund.

By the way, since he’s been with her he looks better and better. Am really into what his hair is doing here.  

Also attached - Kristen Stewart is heading to Cannes with On The Road too and was photographed at LAX yesterday around the same time.