What’s the difference between Mary Kate Olsen and Kirsten Dunst? With MK I feel like she goes out of her way to be Other, so that you can smell her Other from the next room, forcing its way into your room, until you throw your hands up and surrender. Does she actually LIKE the style she’s chosen? It’s debatable.

Kirsten Dunst on the other hand, while eclectic about her choices, I believe actually likes them. That these are the clothes that are interesting to her, that suit her sensibility. Kiki is a bitch. Isn’t this look about right then?

Kiki has a strong style identity. You were never meant to see her in Rodarte at the Met Gala and want to jack it off her body. The point was to present you with someone that wasn’t sparkly from the ball, for those, and they’re out there, who are looking for a different aesthetic. She does this with a lot more conviction than, say, Jessica Biel.